Life at Gold Hall, UMaT

- 2 mins

Last year I became a student of the University of Mines and Technology, Tarkwa. As a resident student, I was assigned Gold Hall which is under the Chamber of Mines Hall as my hall of residence for Year 1.

As the name sounds one might be thinking, Wow! Gold Hall! at first mention. I’ll like to use this opportunity to tell you just how it was during my stay.

UMaT Gold HallWalking to Gold Hall.

Gold Refinery Hall is located at the highest point on the outskirts of Tarkwa and close to GoldFields Ghana Limited (Tarkwa Mine) . It stands tall among all buildings. My roommate Martin and other students who visited the Ghana Manganese Company in Nsuta once said they were able to see Gold Hall from that far, awesome!

Gold Hall was built to be used as a Gold Refinery during Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s administration, but wasn’t able to serve it’s and was donated to then Tarkwa School of Mines

Gold Hall is say 7.5 km from the main campus of the University of Mines and Technology.

At Gold Hall I was in room GB9 close to us was the our sister room GB8.

My roommates were: Combert, Martin and Adams. We had temporal roommates after Adams decided to have a feel of campus :), they were Sheriff then Adamu (aka Gbazaza). I’ve learned a lot from all of them.

For all who have stayed at Gold Hall there is a story to tell but am not sure none have shared both the good and the bad.

During my stay in Gold Hall here are some stuffs I’ve taken note of:

To me Gold Hall was really a great place and it shall continue to be. Most Goldhallers will say:

When am given the chance to come back to UMaT level 100, I won’t stay at Gold Hall.

For me it’s different and it depends.

Long live UMaT, Long live Gold Hall.

Thanks for passing by.

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